Our Training

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Royal LePage Corporate has specialized professional development for every stage of your career, whether you are just getting started or want to accelerate your performance. We provide hard and soft skill training in a variety of forms - webinars, classroom, in-office sessions and one on one mentoring.

We are proud to offer year-round training to our REALTORS®. Created, taught and updated by our dedicated professional development team which includes our VP of Business Services, our broker managers and Realtors active in today's real estate world, Dynamic Agent is truly dynamic in that the courses are constantly adjusted to reflect the ever-changing market in which we work.



Brian Buffini quote: "Principles don't change; tactics do!"Facilitated by many of our brokerages own branch managers that are certified by Buffini and Company to be effective, knowledgeable and helpful mentors, Peak Producers is a 12-week course with proven results when applied. Regular meetings build accountability, comraderie and encourage students to keep pushing the boundaries of their success. On average, REALTORS® will complete 3 transactions and receive 10 leads within the time frame of the course, however, the sky is the limit. Many of our REALTORS® who have taken the course have achieved staggering results within the 12 weeks, and continue to increase their business and retake the program year after year.

What Peak Producers instills in its students is a wealth of experience and knowledge not only from Brian's first hand practice as a successful REALTOR®, but from his own mentors and inspiration, such as Zig Zigler, Harvey Mackay, Dale Carnegie and many more. Peak Producers teaches REALTORS® to be the CEO, COO and CFO of your own life and business, and how to manage those roles responsibly, effectively and profitably. It teaches REALTORS® how to apply dialogues to successfully handle commission objections and how to encourage your network to immediately think of you whenever they talk about real estate, whether it's to a stranger in passing, or their closest family. Peak Producers helps agents save money by building new business by referrals from previous business, not from purchasing extensive marketing materials, giving REALTORS® more time to focus on their current clients, and less time focusing on finding new ones.